Monday, November 1, 2010

Donald Woodman

 Woodman's therapist series is really interesting. He spend four years documenting his therapy sessions and used 1 Polaroid exposure per session. There are some that are much creepier so go to and sink your teeth in. Props, Don.

Emulation: Ralph Eugene 'Gene' Meatyard

Meatyard, Gene to his friends, was from Normal, IL. Which I think is just fun. The Album of Lucybelle Crater was his most well known and shot in the two years preceding his death in '72. This group is a series of portraits of his wife posing with  people who moved within his immediate circles of friends and family. When Gene approached his friends about these photos the wife of one of his colleagues (he was an optometrist) thought that his cancer medication might have made him loose his marbles, she had no imagination. Oh also, they are all wearing masks-- a recurring element in his photographs. Check out the rest of his work.

Meatyard and his wife.

Meatyard's family

Monday, September 13, 2010

For Looking

Pedro Meyer "Plantation"

Sally Mann "Playing in the Pines"
Jack Radcliffe
Emmet Gowin "Nancy"
Emmet Gowin "Edith"
Garry Winogrand
Jan Saudek "Image #134"
Bill Brandt "Portrait of a Young Girl"
Diane Arbus
Judy Natal "The Shadow"
Helmut Newton
Berenice Abbott
Sally Mann "Candy Cigarette"
Emmet Gowin "Edith"

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Little Peak

These were shot with a Canon Rebel XSi over the past two years.